Monday, November 19, 2018


No Promises.
Just a continued commitment to do her best.

Re-Election Platform 2018

Dear friends and neighbours and residents,

I have always been a firm believer that the business of the city should be open, honest and transparent and that there is nothing private and public money. I have always committed to doing my best for the residents of Niagara Falls, never make promises I can't keep, and I never back down from asking the tough questions about how we spend your money.

I told you if you supported me, I would fight for the issues that were important to you and your family. That has not always been easy to do this past 4 years, but I believe that I fulfilled my commitment to the city that I made in 2014. I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement over this past term.

I have returned your calls, and met with you at your homes, protested beside you and have always known who I work for when elected to council.

YOU! It is that simple.

And like you, I think that your houses shouldn't flood because of a sewer system that has outlived the ability to do the job it is supposed to.

I think you should be able to drive on roads that do not have potholes that damage your car.

I believe that our railway crossings should have at least one overpass or underpass so that a train crossing through the city doesn't have the ability to stop traffic for miles and effect emergency services.

I believe all neighborhoods in the city deserve to be safe and served properly by our emergency services. That's why when the council voted to stop the building of a much needed fire station that had been approved to be built on Lundy's Lane to service the new subdivisions and the families that live in the growing west end I fought to have it built. I voted against the cancellation because our fire service has told council that they can't meet the provincial safety standard response times in that area, and all families in Niagara Falls deserve to be as safe as possible in the event of a fire or emergency.

I believe that taxes collected by the city plus the roughly $26 million dollars of OLG money the city receives yearly could be much better spent. It is not how much we spend, but where we spend it that needs to improve. That is why I voted against the tax increase this past budget.

I agree tourism is our number one economic generator and we must support I, but there MUST be a better balance between the residents and the tourism industry. Tourists come and go, but we live here. This is our city, and I love this community.

In order to keep the few heavy industries that the city has left, council must make better planning decisions than they did when they approved an apartment building across from Sallit Steel and Washington Mills against the objections of both industries. I voted against the development because of my fear, and those of the employees that this development could force two of our biggest non tourism industries to leave and cost hundreds of families their jobs.

I strongly believe that everything we are investing in for the future will be for nothing if we don't leave our children and grandchildren a clean environment to live in. That's why I voted against the Paradise/Riverfront development at Thundering Waters. It is to be a private city within a city that will destroy some of the last beautiful greenspace for our natural habitat and the wetlands on that development will be destroyed.

I voted against spending $11 million dollars for additional land for the proposed new hospital that may never be needed. I think that money could have been better invested in troubled infrastructure areas such as Chippawa dealing with the sewer and longtime flooding issues they have experienced.

Based on global warming evidence and all scientific warnings, I believe that development at any cost will eventually destroy our livable community and we will be leaving an unsustainable city for future generations. We must make responsible development a priority in Niagara Falls.

I thank you for the confidence you had in my ability to represent you over the last 18 years. I think experience in this job is crucial. I don't think voting like sheep without asking the important questions is responsible representation. I will continue to do my homework, listen to your concerns and questions and take them to council. I ask that you please support my re-election bid to continue to be your strong voice in this city for openness, transparency and accountability.

Carolynn Ioannoni



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