Monday, November 19, 2018

Health Care

The Residents of Niagara Falls deserve a Full Service Hospital

This past term council has had to deal with many challenging hospital issues. The Niagara Health System and LIHN passed a hospital improvement plan that would see the removal of maternity and paediatric services from our Greater Niagara General Hospital. There was also a mass exodus of ER doctors who left because of the administration and working conditions. The nurses have sanctioned the NHS and the doctors have passed a non confidence vote. Simply said, our hospital system is broken.

Council supported my idea of creating and leading a committee to fight and try to save these services because they are desperately needed by families in Niagara Falls.

Residents should be able to be give birth to their babies in their local hospital and have their children cared for as they grow up in the same hospital. Residents should not have to drive to the far side of St. Catharines to receive accessible care that should be provided in their own city.

In the HIP (Hospital Improvement Plan), transportation to the St. Catharines site has not been provided, and the funds needed for transportation are not in the budget. This will make it very difficult for some families and seniors that don't have the financial ability to travel out of town for care that they deserve to receive in their own city.

I have had the great opportunity to lead a core group of smart, outspoken, local residents, doctors and members of council in a co-ordinated, evidence based attempt to save these services and keep them in Niagara Falls. As of today GNGH is still providing maternity and paediatrics in Niagara Falls and I will continue to fight to save and not tear down our hospital service by service.


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